Thursday, September 2, 2010


No pictures today lol ... I went to Walmart and price matched (no one dared get behind me in line hahaha) and saved a total of $42.73.  $8.30 in coupons and $34.43 in price matching!  Total spent was $99.57.

So I got $142.30 in groceries for $99.57 ... you have to like that!  I have said over and over that I don't buy very much junk food or processed foods.  So I really cant save on my grocery bill like many people do.  I do not buy frozen dinners or many boxed items.  Most of my coupon savings come from cereals and things like salad dressing, peanut butter etc...

The bulk of my savings is from price matching on the meats.  Today I did well again on the pork.  Hoping beef is marked way down next week!  Last week was pork and the week before that was chicken ... so I am pretty well stocked up on that for now! 

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