Saturday, August 28, 2010

5 years ago today...

We were sitting in a hotel in San Destin, FL watching the weather channel praying the forecasters were wrong.  But deep in our hearts knew our town was about to be destroyed.

Tomorrow we are having a celebration in town marking the 5 year anniversary.  So bitter sweet.  We have come so far, but we will never be the town we once were.  It's a hard thing to celebrate. 

Last night around 7 pm my son calls and asks me to pick him up from his friend's house.  I drive there, pick him up and we are about 1/4 mile from our exit on the hwy.  So we are sitting at the red light and it's about to turn green, when I jerk forward.  It takes a minute to register that some one just hit me.  I said Oh my God what the hell was that? ( I know language language... but it's what I said.  I am just being honest)  I couldn't see anything in my rear view mirror, but I realized I just got hit.  I looked at my son, he was fine.  I pulled over into the turn lane and got out of my car.  There was a little Sentra or something behind me all smashed up.  She was just sitting there.  I yelled pull over here.  Motioning her to move out of the "fast" lane and to pull into the turn lane.  She half way did it still blocking traffic.  I am trying to get her to pull further into the turn lane but she wont.  Anyway it occurs to me there is something off with her.  So I call 911.  She cant get out of her car.  The drivers side door is jammed shut so she sits there for awhile.  Then she slides across to the passenger side and gets out.  I ask her a couple questions but she doesn't respond.  She is sort of freaking me out a little. 

A couple people I know drive by and stop to see if we are ok.  (a perk of a small town) and one takes my son home for me.  At this time I am realizing that I don't have an updated insurance card in my purse so I yell to my friend to have Sam bring one up to me.  :)  The cop is pulling up about this time.  The lady of the other car gets back into her passenger seat and sits down.  So an hour or so later we are wrapping things up and I asked the cop if she was drunk and he said well I haven't done the test yet.  I don't smell anything on her, but she might be on medication or something she is definitely acting weird.  I will take her down and run some tests.  Oh and guess what ... she has no insurance.  Wonderful.  I will need a new bumper but I am pretty sure she will need a whole new car.  So now I am starting to rethink this gas guzzling tank I drive.  I was hoping in a couple of years to trade it in or give it to my oldest daughter and get a cute little 2 seater Audi convertible.  Looking at her car, I am rethinking that whole idea. 

So anyway, the friend that took my son home tells me that the lady had almost hit her a few minutes earlier on the hwy and ended up driving partially up on the median and back down and that she way all over the road.  Nice... and my 15 year old wonders why I wont let her get her permit?  This turned out to be minor, but maybe it was God's way of saving a life a couple miles down the highway.  It could have been so much worse.  What if this woman had hit a pedestrian?  Or gone through a red light and side swiped a car and hit a baby in a carseat?  I like thinking my bumper on my big Tahoe may have saved this from being so much worse. lol ... anyway, that was the start to my weekend... or the end to my week... not sure.

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