Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little foggy this morning

My head that is... One of my oldest and dearest friends called last night just as I was getting ready to put dinner on the table.  She needed a margarita.  How could I NOT go?  I have been wanting one for weeks and we havent had a chance to get together in a couple months.  This is the friend I cried to when I found out I was pregnant at 19.  She brought me to my first gynocologist visit and almost 17 years later sat behind me on the birthing table helping me push out baby #4.  (my husband was there but useless... I love him dearly, but men are just not cut out for that lol) So when she called and asked if I wanted to go I hated telling her I was broke and really couldnt go.  She offered to pay being the high power exec ;) ... I didnt feel too bad accepting.   And one day, when things are a little more stable for us financially, I will return the favor.  Thats the great thing about true friendships like ours, you dont have to really explain things or feel bad when you are in a slump.  I was happy to rush dinner on the table and head out for a couple hours of girl time!!  I love her so much!!  We had a great time!  When I got home The older girls, their boyfriends and Pooh all headed down to the pier in my car to fish with daddy.  I passed out in bed.  :) 

ok this picture is weird ... my daughter did something to it to make it look enhanced or something.  But I am in the pink and my friend in in the black and white, I love her. 

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  1. Its so great when you have friends that you can call like that. I so want that margarita right now!