Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday morning...

I should be grocery shopping now before all the crowds get to the store!  But my husband woke up at 4 am to go fishing!  I fell back asleep but then Pooh came in at 5 am and turned my bedroom light on and watched cartoons in my bed.  I cant believe it, but I even fell back asleep after all that!  I must have been exhausted, it is very hard for me to fall asleep after I have been woken.   So anyway I have no one to watch Pooh and I can not take her with me!  I am on too tight of a budget to be dealing with a 4 year old and trying to add things in my head and figure out to buy and what we can do without this week! 

We had our first Friday night football game last night.  I have to admit I am not much of a football fan... and most of the time I am dealing with the baby or talking to old friends I see only at the games.  Very rarely watching the game.  My only interest is at half time when my daughter is out there performing.  But I watched a little here and there... it was nice to see Jordan play.  He really is good, but in the end the Tigers lost 21-10.  Which in my eyes (sorry to admit) is a good thing!!!  Margaret came home after the game!   If they had won there would  have been after game parties.  So losing is just fine with me.  I am so glad no one knows about this blog.   shhhhh

Mine is the tall one in the center. 

high school football down here is serious business

Dancing with the band

Watching #79.  Plays both offense and defense.  Definitely one of the Coast's top ranked players.  Hoping he gets to play for Alabama next year!! 

So that was my Friday night.  Today the agenda is grocery shopping. 

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