Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love saving money!

Ok I needed french bread to go with dinner tonight and since I was sorting through my coupons weeding out the ones that will be expiring next week I decided to see if I could make a couple of them work.
So I spent $8.34 (that includes $1.99 in tax)  and saved $31.96


2 Nivea Women's Body Wash - BOGO - $5.99 - $3.00 coupon- $2.99
(coupon was expiring soon and didn't want to waste it)

total OOP - $3.41 total saved - $8.99


8 mini first aid kits - $0.97 each - $7.76
1 box Dora band aids - $1.97
2 Sobe Waters - $2.00
3 travel size Pert 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner - $2.91
2 travel size Clean & Clear face wash - $1.94
1 Sunbelt granola bars - $2.00
2 Morton Seasoning salts - $1 each - $2.00 (on sale, no coupon but regular $2.97 each - saved $3.94)
1 - 4 pack of Juicy Fruit gum - $0.88
1 loaf of french bread - $0.90

3- $3 off any 3 Band aid or Johnson & Johnson items
1 -BOGO free Sobe water coupon
3 - $1 off any size Pert Shampoo
2 - $1 off any Clean & Clear facial product
1- $1 off Sunbelt snack

total OOP - $4.93 total saved - $22.97

Ok I just was looking through the receipt and noticed she accidentally rang up one of the $3 off coupons an extra time. I thought it seemed a little low, but I couldn't remember if they taxed before or after coupons. ok, so my total should have been $7.93.

Yes, I always buy my loaf bread and dinner rolls on the day old shelf. Its about a 40% mark down. I usually stock up and throw it in the freezer and it stays fresh. If Pooh hadn't been with me I would not have bought the Sobe water (she was crying for something to drink.) and I wouldn't have bought the Dora bandaids. I would have gotten another free first aid kit and I definitely would not have bought the gum. So that is $2.89 I would not have spent but they accidentally scanned the $3 coupon an extra time so I am not feeling too bad about it now.

I know the bigger bottles of shampoo and face wash are a much better buy, but they are not on sale. No one uses Pert here, but its good to throw in an over night bag for a single wash or 2. Same with the face wash. Margaret is forever leaving stuff at friends houses, I would rather she left this face wash than her big one. Plus I have more coupons for when these do go on sale. :)

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