Monday, August 23, 2010

Katrina ... 5 years later.

ok, I am feeling much better than I was this morning.  I think looking at all those pictures shocked me.  It's amazing how we can bury things so deep inside of us we think they are gone.  The 3 hardest hit communities by Hurricane Katrina were all in Mississippi.  I know everyone thinks it was New Orleans.  But it wasn't.  New Orleans was not actually hit.  I remember watching the news in FL and everyone was celebrating that they had "dodged the big one" (pre levees breaking) and we all knew that our towns 50 miles east of New Orleans had felt the brunt of Katrina.  But no one was reporting on it and no one could get in or out of the area.  So for 3 days we sat in our hotels waiting and waiting.  All they would show on the news was New Orleans.  Finally the bridge going from Destin FL to Mobile AL reopened and we were able to make the trip home.  This is what we came back to.  I will not explain each picture but I will say that unless you are from here you may think all the pictures look the same.  Well maybe to someone whose heart doesn't belong to this community they would look the same.  Total destruction, but to me and to most people I know these pictures tell a story.  If you click on the picture they will enlarge and you can see things a little better close up.  As you are looking through these, please say a prayer that we here on the coast continue to be blessed by God and remain hurricane free as we are all still recovering from Katrina, both physically and emotionally!

there are some great before and after sites too!  I would love for you to see what it looked like before Katrina.  Here are some pictures I found online.  I will post more as I find better ones!! 

Well its much easier to find after pictures, because no one had ever heard of Bay St. Louis, MS before Katrina!  :) 

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