Friday, August 13, 2010

Walmart was a success!!!

Ok I went to Walmart today with my coupons in hand (not many) but more importantly my ads in hand too.  I went through and only bought foods we needed and use.  The only non food item I bought were paper towels which we desperately needed and I couldn't wait until Sunday to see if one of the drugstores had a great special.  But I got an 8 pack of Bounty paper towels price matched at $5 with a $0.50 coupon.  So $4.50 for 8 is pretty good ... regular price like $8.89 or something. 

So I used a whopping $3.65 in coupons hahaha ... like I said we do not eat the kind of foods they make coupons for.  I bought some hamburger helper because my husband can handle making that if I am not home for some reason (which almost never happens) so I like to keep a couple on hand.  I also bought those tiny Totinos frozen pizzas which is basically a snack for 2 kids.  The kids can make those after school quickly for a snack.  3 boxes of cereal, but only one coupon for $0.55 off.  And then the paper towel coupon.  Those were the only ones I used. 

So I got $110.54 in groceries for $76.59! 

That includes 5 lbs of hamburger meat, ribs, steaks, 10 lbs of chicken leg qtrs and a whole chicken fryer.  I got 1/2 gal of Blue Bell ice cream, butter, biscuits red beans, rolls, gravy mix, rice, juice, milk, tea etc... My receipt says 40 items. 

$71.35 before taxes... 40 items ... that averages $1.78 per item!  I like that! 


  1. have you tried affiliate sales thru Commission Junction to make money on your blog?

  2. No I havent heard of them. I am really just getting started. I suppose its time to research to see what other ways are out there besides Adsense haha

  3. but thank you and PLEASE keep the ideas coming! :)