Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 years later... Katrina

All week I have been putting up pictures of the horrible destruction of Katrina.  I am going to share a couple after pictures now!  We have come a LONG way baby!!  :)   We still have no grocery stores but we have a Super Walmart, which we are all grateful for but 5 years of shopping only at Walmart can be ... well you can only imagine!  So we have all been praying for a real grocery store to come to town for the past 3 years.  We will keep praying!!  For being such a small town, we had 4 choices before the storm.  Businesses are gun shy now and insurance is outrageous.  We were even discussing a community owned grocery store, but nothing ever came of that.  Maybe one day....  here are some pictures of my town to show how far we have come. 

The Bay Bridge After Katrina. This bridge connected us with the rest of the Coast.

The new Bay Bridge!  This was one of the first things they rebuilt after the storm, after the railroads

Picture of Beach Blvd after Katrina

And Beach Blvd now...

Main Street after Katrina

Main Street 5 years later!!

God is Great!  The volunteers were amazing and we are blessed.

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