Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ok we have been running around like crazy the past couple days and I just  don't have time to sit down and write much!  We are in full swing already for the new school year!!  Today is only day 4 and we already have Margaret's first volleyball game!  Tomorrow is Meet the Team.  Its a big football to do where we all sit out at the stadium sweating our butts off while they individually introduce each and every football player, cheerleader and dance team member.  Its excruciating!!  I am sorry but it is.  In 100 degree weather you just don't care.  haha But,  Margaret's boyfriend (or flavor of the week haha) is on the football team and she is on the dance team so we must all be there.  Her boyfriend is a giant.  6'6"  240 lbs or something...

Then tomorrow, my oldest daughter's boyfriend finally gets home from basic training for the Air Force!!  And then on Thursday Taylor flies to MN to go see her dad for a week.  Comes home and starts class on the 23rd...  like I said crazy busy!!! 

This was taken at basic training graduation before he went on to take his training classes.  Now after being gone since February he will be home and stationed out of Keesler AFB 30 minutes from here.  So she is thrilled to say the least.  :) 

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