Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back To School

I always have mixed emotions of back to school time.  First, it's nice to get back into a routine and learning is good, right?  But I hate waking the kids up in the morning, trying to find that one missing shoe, signing papers 3 minutes before its time to walk out the door that they forgot to have me sign a week ago when they got the paperwork!  Fighting about homework and studying.  All the chaos that just goes with the school year, in general.

Today I have to take the kids in for their physicals... nothing like waiting until the last minute.  Margaret is on the school dance team and she walks in 7 minutes before practice and says "oh yeah mom, I need a physical, mine expired."  "OK, I will make an appointment."  "But coach says I cant dance tomorrow if I don't have one!"  Ahhh... nothing like the last minute.  I call the doctors office... no available appointments.  Nice.  She tells me to just go to urgent care for one.  WHAT???  I though Urgent Care was for emergencies.  The life of a procrastinator sucks. 

So today's agenda consists of trying to find a place to take Margaret for her physical so she can perform for the Welcome Back Party for the teachers at 4 pm!! 

Then its off to get my son, Joe's, haircut!  His hair grows like a weed!! 

Finally, back to school supply shopping.  I am heading to Walgreens to get the great deal on highlighter markers!!  $0.19 each!!!  Then off to Walmart to get the rest!  But I will be taking the KMart ad with me so they price match a couple items that KMart has for less.  I have 3 $1. off Bic coupons but that's it.  Rite Aid isn't proving to be a great deal on the school supplies ... I need to check out their buy 1 get 3 free items though and see what their regular price is first before I decide if I will get those.  Like I said... I hate back to school!!  There are no Targets close to me.  1 30 miles west and one 40 miles east.  So my choices are Walmart, KMart, Walgreens and Rite Aid!  Wish me luck. 


  1. It you have a target in your area, they're also pretty good on prices!

  2. We have one 30 miles west and another 40 miles east. Not super convenient unless I have to go to the mall or something. They are located near the 2 closest malls to us too. We live in Small Town, USA lol