Thursday, August 12, 2010

HATE when my kids fly off without me

ok my 20 year old left for MN today.  I am on pins and needles until she lands safely.  She is in Dallas now on layover.  I love her so much ... its painful to be a parent sometimes and it never ends.  ever.
But I let her use my car last night and I got a call at 5:30 am telling me she forgot to give me back my keys.  I lost my spare key forever ago and have not had another one made.  I freaked out.  I need my keys lol.  Her boyfriend drove them to me.  Only about a 60 mile RT out of his way.  Sweet boy. 

I love my daughter, but I cant say I will really miss her terribly this week.  It will be a nice week not having her begging for money (that I dont have) every day.  She really needs to get a job.  She goes back to school on the 23rd so that is also good news. 

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