Tuesday, August 17, 2010

no shopping for me this week...

I wasn't overly impressed with the Rite Aid or Walgreen's ads this week.  I refuse to buy things that aren't free or near free just because I can save some money if I dont really need it or know for a fact that I will use it.  If I don't need it or it isn't an amazing deal I just cant pass up, I wont get it.  CVS seemed to have a couple decent buys, but I really have no excuse to drive 20 miles out that way to go.  I did get my free 8x10 picture at Walgreens this week!  It was completely free, no tax or anything!  I also had a Walgreens cash reward I had to use up.  So when I went to pick up the picture Monday morning, on our way to a play date, I picked up 3 packs of Starburst.  $0.50 out of pocket.  Not bad.  Then the 7 kids (my friend has 5, plus her nephew was visiting, and Pooh) had a little something to snack on while they played and we talked!  This is the photo I had blown up.  I love my little Pooh!

Today was a rough day.  Computer problems all morning.  Enough said!!  I ended up fixing it myself, but I hate when I miss out on my morning coffee and computer time alone before any kids wake up.  It throws me off all day.  I have been reading blogs all evening (about the last 2 hours) about couponing.  I am blown away at how much people can save!!  I wish I could walk into a grocery store spend $18.00 and save $300.  I just don't ever see that happening!!  I am almost to the point of obsessed at learning how they do it though!  I do know that you have to hang on to all your coupons and play this "game" hoping they will go to BOGO and you can double up on coupons etc... Its mind boggling to me, but my mom said to stick with it and one day it will be like second nature. 

Tomorrow's agenda.  Nothing.  Same as today.  Could my life PLEASE pick up the pace a little??  If the rain ever stops we will be going to the rescheduled Meet the Team at the football field. Oh and I was so excited about the possibility of picking up all these cleaning jobs!  I mean I was super excited.  Nothing yet.  No rejections, just no calls!!  ughhh I was really hoping to make some money this week! 

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