Saturday, August 14, 2010

He takes care of his family...

Sam takes such good care of us and loves us so much.  I have no doubt of his love for every single one of us.  I know it isn't always easy for him.  He went from being alone to a family of six almost overnight.  I know it is overwhelming sometimes.  But he is a real trooper!  He was lonely for so long, I know he is happier even if it is a financial hardship.  Here is my amazing husband cleaning the fish he caught last night! 

He didn't catch a whole lot and no real big ones... but he will clean it, freeze it and add it to the stockpile.  Coco is licking her chops hoping to get one of those fish heads when he finishes!  Ha nasty!!  Once in awhile she sneaks away with one, but we try to keep them out of her reach.  Sam has a buddy coming over to pick up all the fish heads he has been freezing over the past couple weeks... they are used for crabbing!   YUM  now I love me some boiled crabs! (thats a southern way of talking... I dont really say "I love me some" of anything lol)    Thank you Sam for all you do ... you are truly as close to the perfect husband as possible!  Love you forever and always.

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