Wednesday, August 4, 2010

National Night Out Against Crime

We had a little get together last night at the Mayors house, he lives across the street.  It wasn't a great turn out but I don't think the word was really spread around.  Just about every cop and fireman was there though and I was thinking "who is out there protecting the city"  haha   It was steaming hot too so we left pretty early. 

School starts tomorrow. That is sort of freaking me out.  My son still needs his haircut!!  I HATE paying $25 for a boys haircut!  I wish we had like a barber shop in town!  We have TONS of girly salons (everyone knows southern women need to get their hair done weekly lol) but nothing cheap for the guys!  I have a Fantastic Sams coupon for $8.99 but have no idea where a Fantastic Sams is ... and do I really want to spend the gas money searching for one? 

Well I am having my doubts I will raise any money writing this blog so I probably wont be able to surprise my husband with a honeymoon vacation.  That makes me sad... but I have found a lot of enjoyment writing this and reading others so that is good.  I wish I could find a dang job in this town! 

I have been extremely bored lately.  I hate when that happens.  I am feeling discontent.  I wish I had some sort of life outside the house.  But I really don't want to work full time either.  If Pooh were in kindergarten it would be easier.  I hate paying $120 a week for daycare.  I may have to suck it up though and get out there and find a job.  Next year it will be easier, I can try to find a PT job while the kids are in school and not have to worry about how much daycare is costing me and is it really financially worth it to work. 

Yesterday I spent $11 on some school supplies.  It wasnt everything I needed, but it was quite a bit considering it was only $11!!   I only used 1 BIC coupon though. 

6 notebooks
6 folders
2 packs of BIC pens
3 packs of BIC highlighters
2 packs of pencils
1 pack of construction paper
4 packs of crayons
1 pack of markers
1 pack of colored pencils (24 pack!!)

So that was pretty good.  I had to hit up 3 stores to get the deals.  But they are all within 1/10 mile of each other so it wasnt a big deal!!  :)  Actually all 4 stores are within a 1/10 of a mile of each other in our town lol

everyone have a good hump day!!!

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