Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cash giveaways

Does everyone enter the drugstore cash giveaways at the bottom of the receipts?  I do every time!  I am hoping for a little cash bonus at the end of the month one of these days!  :) 

Today I hit up Walmart... not for much, about $50 worth of items, since that was about all I really had left in my budget this week.  I spent $48.23 and saved $19.47!  I used about $6.20 in coupons and saved $13.27 in price matching!  Like I said, I really didn't get a whole lot, but enough to hold us over through the week with what I have left from last week we will have plenty.  I got such great deals last week on hamburger and chicken, I stocked up.  I have decided I will start making a weekly trip to Gulfport to shop at Food Giant.  They double coupons up to $0.60.  I think it might be worth driving out there for some things that we need, plus they have some really great weekly specials and that would mean less price matching at Walmart which in turn means less of a headache for me.  Plus, there is a CVS right by Food Mart, so I can plan it at a time I can get my CVS deals too! 

Here are my buys at Walgreens and Rite Aid this morning.  I just stopped in for a few items since cash is low.  We really needed cereal and with the + up rewards and the coupons I had I got the cereal for $0.50 a box!!  But then I got home and my husband was like "oh I don't really like that kind"  Well suck it up big boy or go get another job!  He can go buy what he wants, the kids don't really care too much.  Its like frosted mini wheats and raisin bran in the Malt o Meal brand.  I like it.  So too bad and at $.50 a box I was not going to pass that up!  The jello was free after + up  :) 

The Listerine and Veet hair removal I got at Walgreens.  Great deals!  But it wasn't ringing up right at all and the cashier gave me attitude!  I was not a happy camper.  I stuck to my guns and got the price I was supposed to get!  I had a manufacturer coupon and store coupon for each item.  She really didn't want to take them and the register beeped.  But she manually overrides it or something and I got it.  I can be persuasive.  :)

So here's the breakdown: 

Rite Aid

transaction #1

4 Royal gelatin - 4/$1  earn $1 +up
2 boxes Malt o Meal cereal  2/$3  - $1.00 off coupon  earned $1 + up

total $3.28 - earned $2 + up

transaction #2

2 boxes Malt o Meal cereal - 2/$3  - $1 off coupon  earned $1 up

total  $2.21  used $2 + up rewards  

and earned $1 + up for next visit!! 

TOTAL  OOP  =  $3.50  + $1 up earned for next visit!! 
total savings -  $8.32

Walgreens was good, but a pain in the rear!! 

Listerine Zero 500 ml should ring up at $2.99 but kept ringing up at $5.99 even though I had the coupon right there in today's flyer sitting right there.  After 2 voided out transactions and some serious attitude we finally got it right. 

Listerine Zero - $5.99
Listerine Zero - $5.99
Veet -  $6.99
Veet - $6.99

used these coupons: 

2 Walgreens flyer coupons from 8/22 paper (MADE IT $1.99 each)
2 Listerine Zero $2.00 off coupons (printable online at their website)
2 Veet $3 off coupons from Walgreens coupon book
2 Veet $3 off coupons printed online

total OOP - $3.36 
total savings - $18.00

So, I would say today was a good day!  I spent total at he 3 stores  $55.08 and saved $46.79... pretty darn good!

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  1. LOL I hear you on the cereal! My old man is the same way, Walgreens this week has kelloggs cereals for .50 a box as well if you feel up to hitting the drugstores again this week. Anytime I get cereal at .50 I stock up as between 3 boys in the house, there is a box gone every other day!