Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love my camera!!

If you have been reading my blog, you know I was about to bite the bullet and start looking for a new camera.  I was so upset!  Mostly because it was my own fault that my camera wasn't working.  I brought it to the beach and set it on a towel.  I knew better, I just wasn't thinking.  Well sand got kicked all over it and the next time I went to use the camera it wasn't working.  I knew I had really gotten my money's worth out of the camera at an average of $100 a year and about 10,000 pictures a year (minimum).  I figured I was fortunate that I had it for over 3 years without ever having it fixed or buying any new batteries or cards for it.  But the cheapskate in me did not want to give in so easily...
I googled my problem and found 5 different ways I could possibly fix my camera myself.  The first 4 did not work and #5 came with a warning that serious damage may be caused to the camera.  Oh well what did I have to lose?  My camera was no longer under warranty and I was planning on buying a new one now anyway.  So basically my last option to fix what was wrong with my camera (sand lodged in the lens) was to basically beat my camera on the table hoping to dislodge the particles of sand.  OK ... here goes nothing. 

I really thought I would damage the camera.  But to my amazement it WORKED!  My Sony Cyber shot now works again and I will be able to get a little more use out of it before its time to invest in another one! 

I have had this camera for over 3 years.  It takes the best pictures.  It is light weight and fits easily into my purse.  I take literally thousands of pictures with it each year.  Probably closer to 10, 000.  I have 4 kids!  Three that play or did play sports.  I was the mom that had 300 + pictures in her camera at the end of a game.  So I was taking, seriously, 1000's of pictures a month.  I have had the same rechargeable battery since I bought the camera over 3 years ago!  That is really amazing on its own.  Not to mention the zoom factor!  I have had parents look at my pictures of their kids and ask how I got so close to the game.  I have a 10X zoom factor on this camera.  You wouldn't think it because its so small and light weight.  So if you are shopping for a new durable digital camera and want the added benefits of video, 10X zoom, sports shots, night time shots, and more options than I have had time to learn in over 3 years then click on the picture of the camera above and got yours from Amazon.com today!!  You wont be disappointed! 

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