Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling good.

Not sure why, but I feel like something good is about to happen.  I hope my intuition is right!!  I picked up another house yesterday!  Woohoo!  That makes 3 houses!!  I really would like at least 7.  3 big 1 day houses and 4 small 2-day houses!  I figure $300 for the bigger houses a week and $200-$250ish for the 4 smaller houses.  Right now I have 1 big house and 2 smaller houses (smaller being NOT 3000+ sq ft)  not small as in 800 sq ft lol... they are still around 1800 - 2200ish sq ft but I am able to clean them in under 4 hours so I can really only charge about $65.  I think I should charge more because I really am good at cleaning, and I am a perfectionist so nothing gets left undone... even if it takes me 5 hours.  I hate that though... if I am being paid for 4 hours I need to leave at 4 hours.  I spent way too much time last week on a house and did things that were completely considered "extras" like washing doors, frames and baseboards.  But she is really trying hard to help me build my clientele and I thought it was definitely worth the free extras!! 

Taylor starts school again today!!  WOOHOO   ready for that girl to be busy again ... now hopefully she will get a JOB! 

Happy 17th birthday to my niece Hillary up near Chicago IL... last year her mom bought her a 2010 Mercedes and threw her a Sweet 16 party... How do you ever top that?  We shall see....

Happy Monday everyone!

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    Your niece is very pretty!