Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little excitement this morning!

So I am sitting on the computer flipping between blogs and facebook after I dropped the kids off at school.  Out of the corner of my eye I see this really shaggy big dog run past my office window.  I jump up and to my amazement this is what I see! 
Yes its a miniature horse!  Running free in our neighborhood!  I live in a small town but it is not rural.  Its more like a small suburbish kind of small town.  There were police cars blocking both ends of the street and the owners were trying to chase it!  I grabbed my camera of course... unfortunately the quality was not good because I didn't have a chance to check my settings and the baby was playing with my camera yesterday! 

It started running!  This was across the street, one house over - I zoomed in. 

This is when I thought it was coming towards me so I started to run in the house hahaha... so its blurry.

And there is one of the owners chasing it across the street from my house.  Poor lil guy! 

I don't know if they got it or not.  He was really fast, and scared too.  But they are no longer on my street.  So either he is safe at home or terrorizing another street now!  I needed that little bit of excitement this morning!!  :) 

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