Monday, August 16, 2010

Just not feeling it today

Ok yesterday I cleaned most of the day.  I didn't sit down and look at the newspaper until late in the afternoon.  My mind was too cluttered to really concentrate and was just plain overloaded.  I need to try to find time today to look at the ads and see if I can come up with some profitable scenarios.  Hoping I can shake this black cloud feeling I have had the past week.  I don't like it and its just been hanging over my head!  Margaret has another volleyball game today and tomorrow. 

I am still praying I will pick up some new cleaning jobs this week!  Last week looked so promising, but I haven't gotten any new definite jobs yet except the one on Thursday.  Waiting to see if my current one needs me this week.  I am not sure they came in town this weekend.  I haven't heard from them yet.  But usually Monday mornings is when I will hear from her.  Blahhh  I could use that $100 this week!  Its been 3 weeks since they have needed me and I have been feeling it!

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