Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rite Aid and Walgreens were good to me this week!

Yesterday I ran into Rite Aid to get the deal on the Venus Razors again!  I couldn't let the week pass me up without going.  Today I need to finish up my great drugstore deals at Walgreens and get my 3 Gillette Pro glides.  I worked up a scenario yesterday.  They are offering the $5 RR instead of a rebate like Rite Aid.  Plus Walgreens has 2 coupons for printer cartridge refills for $9.99 each and since I have run out of ink I needed to do this anyway. 

So today I will get 3 Proglide razors, bottle of vitamins, contact solution, and 2 ink cartridge refills for just over $22.  Not too bad!! 

This week I also took advantage of the 3 Venus razor buys at Rite Aid!!  In this house there is no such thing as too many razors!! And it came out to about $1.30 each for the Venus razors and $0.89 for the Gillette razors!!  You just cant pass that up!   lol

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