Friday, August 6, 2010

Grocery discounts out there for healthy(ish) food?

ok, I do not think I can cut my grocery bill down 50-70%.  I have searched high and low for coupons, but they don't make coupons for the kind of food we eat.  I buy very little junk food.  An occasional box of brownie mix here and there, sometimes some Ritz crackers and cheese.  Almost no frozen processed food.  Coupon food does not seem to be very healthy.  Not that I am a fanatic about health foods, but I try to cut out as much of the crap as I possibly can for my family.  So I think MAYBE I can try to save 10-20% off my grocery bill by store hopping for the best deals or price matching at Walmart when I can.  I wont change my families diet just because those Oreo cookies are $1.00 after coupon lol.   I will definitely be saving TONS on toiletries though!!    Which is all I have actually tried saving with so far.  Today... I venture to the dreaded grocery store!  This will definitely be an adventure!


  1. I'm in the same boat, trying not to eat or buy so much 'junk'. You can still find good deals on canned veggies, whole grain pasta and cereals though! Or if you eat organic foods, check out for coupons

    Mrs. A

  2. I have seen the coupons for the canned vegetables, but we eat frozen or fresh. I have a coupon for some whole grain pasta to use today and a couple cereal coupons as well(havent really built up a good stock pile on those yet). But I will definatley check out the website! Thank you!

  3. I think coupons help the most with toiletries and basics like pasta, toilet paper, batteries, etc. When both my hubby and I are working full time we try to eat from our garden and fresh meat as much as possible. So I think that the coupons help you save in places so that you can have the money to purchase fresh and yummy stuff. I've read blogs were they eat on $40. And that just doens't work for us. Right now we spend that much because we don't have anymore money until I go back to work... But I hear ya on the saving on real food. My last trip to the grocery store included NO coupons...ugh...