Friday, August 27, 2010

Who gets excited over $3.98?

Me!  That's how much I have made on Adsense this month!  Normally $4 would be nothing.  I wouldn't give it a second thought, but it symbolizes a dream of a vacation alone with my husband one day.  It excites me!

Cleaning house #3 today!!  I have even gotten a little more "formal" and typed up a list of what my house cleaning fee covers and what would be considered "extras".  I also found a form online to leave on the counter when finished; listing what was completed and what supplies need to be replenished.  I almost feel like it's a real business.  Now if I could only get a few more clients!!  Off to Food Giant in Gulfport this afternoon to try double coupons!  I am so thankful I found this world of blogging or I never would have saved almost $400 this month or knew how to make coupons and register rewards work for you!  This has been a true blessing! 

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