Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bad morning... good evening

Today started out rough.  My back has been killing me.  I threw it out a month ago and it's been off and on pain since.  But today my husband told me I need to go back to work.  Money has been so tight and we just cant do this anymore.  So out of the blue, I text 3 people and told them I was looking to clean houses and asked if they knew of anyone.  I picked up a second house today and will start next Thursday.  She also has 4-6 more people that may need me and she will make some calls!!  WOW.  I was not expecting that at all. I am so tired of the 9-5 office work and really do not want to go back to that.  I decided to take time off and figure out what I wanted.  After much consideration I decided house cleaning was flexible enough for me, and I actually enjoy it.  So here I am trying to start up a house cleaning/ office cleaning business at 40. 

Today I went to Rite Aid and picked up a Gillette razor for $0.34!!  Regular $9.99.  That made me happy! 

I have all my coupons and grocery ads together and am going to make another attempt at Walmart tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!


  1. I know the feeling of starting over... at 40. This can really be exciting for you.. too cool about the house cleaning businesses. Some exciting things happening for me too at 40. Following you from mbc. Visit me at healthy living & a balanced you.

  2. Hi,
    Wow - that's great you could find so much buisness so quickly. Good luck. Following you from Mom's Blogger's Club.

  3. Thanks!! I am nervous and excited!! I appreciate the follows and will return the favor~ 40 us a great age Alicia but a little scary to be starting over! :) cant wait to read both of your blogs!!